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Our History & Goals

Meraki and Co. was born from the passion of Leeah Murray, a driving force dedicated to cultivating an agency that transcends the ordinary. We have redefined the landscape of client service, not merely as a business endeavor but as a heartfelt mission. Our raison d’être is to instill in our clients a sense of true partnership, where their success is not just a goal but a shared journey. 

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White Glove Service

Our success is intricately linked to our clients’ success.




lines of CSS, HTML, PHP & more written

20 years+

of digital marketing, branding and software development knowledge.

248 hours +

Community Service

Our Team

Leeah Murray

Leeah Murray

Creative Director + CEO

Mark Murray

Mark Murray

Senior Developer

Mason Pitluk

Mason Pitluk

Director of Sales

Sharon Salvador

Sharon Salvador

Executive Assistant

Dedicated to cultivating an agency that transcends the ordinary.

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