Boutique Digital Marketing Agency - Meraki and Co.
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Elevated Digital Visibility

We’re a boutique digital marketing consultancy working with small businesses coaches, creators & entrepreneurs to create digital strategies that grow their brand, boost sales, and increase online visibility.

Need to Plan Your 2022 Marketing?

Coming October 2021: Envision 2022

This will be an intimate group Marketing Strategy of 10 select business owners who are looking for support in Creating and Launching their 2022 Marketing Strategy.

    Ready to elevate your Digital Marketing?

    If we haven’t met yet, 👋🏻 hello! I’m Leeah.

    For more than 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses & entrepreneurs with every aspect of their digital marketing. Whether it be through design, development or digital marketing – I have the ability to bring your vision to life.

    My intuitive process is a blend of magic & practicality.

    I’ve built a small creative team and streamlined my unique & intuitive process. Together, we will work to build a solid, polished digital foundation that reflects your brand’s vision & supports your digital marketing initiatives, while creating a streamlined user experience for your prospects.

    Across multiple verticals, we combine brand strategy, design, technology and communication to help businesses streamline their digital business & succeed online.

    Curious? Let’s Chat.

    who we



    Industry innovators who are looking to elevate their digital presence & stand out from their competition. Leaders who seek create a solid digital presence and grow consistently online.

    Trailblazers who are confident in implementing modern marketing processes, technology & design principals to align with their ideal clients.

    Our Services

    ✨ Web Design

    ✨ Web Development

    ✨ Graphic Design

    ✨ Print Design

    ✨ Brand Identity

    ✨ Brand Strategy

    ✨ eCommerce

    ✨ Marketing Strategy

    ✨ Social Media Marketing

    ✨ eCourse Strategy & Setup

    ✨ Process Automation

    ✨ SEO

    After spending time learning about your business and identifying your goals, we will present a custom project proposal that will lay out your vision, goals & exactly how we’ll help you achieve them.

    Our Results

    Our goal with every project is to under promise, over deliver – on budget and on time. We understand that when you make the decision to invest in your business and hire us, it is our job as experts to deliver an exceptional, streamlined process.

    We believe in education & clear communication to keep projects focused and on track. Once you’ve hired us, you can relax and trust that we will guide you every step of the way.

    Our passion and talents lie in creating an engaging, memorable digital presence for you to achieve your highest business aspirations.

    We’re ready. Are you? Let’s Go.

    ✨ Our Process ✨


    We'll spend time evaluating & learning more about your business, goals, processes and existing digital presence.


    Putting our 15+ years of expertise to work, we'll create a digital strategy that is unique to your business and its goals.


    This is the part where things get fun! We'll dive into the creation of your project and share our progress in milestone meetings.


    Once your project is completed per your approval, it's launch day! We've designed a process that ensures launch days are seamless & painless.

    If You Build It…

    They won’t just appear!

    After working with brands and businesses for more than 20 years, we strive set realistic expectations. While the process to create your digital presence can be arduous, it doesn’t stop with just a website. Without an ongoing digital marketing plan to drive traffic to your website – you can’t expect to grow your business.

    It is our intention that our relationship with our clients begins with earning their trust through the process of designing & developing their brand &/or website and continues with partnering to grow their business with digital marketing. We work with businesses to strategize, design, develop and execute three to twelve month marketing plans.

    Ready to commit to your digital presence & grow your business?

    Let’s Work Together

    Our core offerings are the result of 15+ years of working with businesses & understanding what they need MOST.

    We’ve seen it all and have streamlined our process to provide maximum value, in the least complex way.

    One Day Intensives

    Great for quick turnarounds & small budgets.

    Choose your date & prepare all necessary files & required content beforehand. We’ll set aside a laser focused day to work launch your project!


    Full Service

    Great for complex projects & larger budgets.

    Multi-page site, eCommerce, or complex project? This is traditional agency experience and the project process lasts upwards of two months.


    Gratitude & Appreciation


    Recent projects we’ve had the privilege of co-creating.
    Being commissioned to bring your brand to life, in it’s full capacity, is our dream! It’s an honor to work with our clients & we strive for our work to reflect that.
    Find some of our most recent exciting projects, below.

    pssst… we’d love to see your project here!


    Mission & Values

    It is important for us to align with businesses’ who share our values in order to
    contribute to the change we would like to see in the world.

    For every project we are commissioned, we will donate a portion
    of proceeds to one of the following organizations:


    Reach Out


    💬 If you’re looking for help with branding, design, development or marketing, please take a few moments to fill out the form here.
    🎓 If you’re looking for coaching or consulting, please use the links above to schedule a zoom.
    ⏰ Our office hours are Monday – Thursday, 10AM to 4 PM PST. We will typically respond to inquiries within 48 business hours.