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Web Design| Intuitive + Intentional

for purpose driven brands + visionary entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing

Intentional Creation, Intentional Results.

A white-glove, transformative process
to elevate your brand, digital presence
and systems to connect with your ideal clientele.
client site, lizillg.com
Encouragement & Accountability

Collective Growth, Collaborative Encouragement.

Monthly Masterminds for those who are seeking
a tribe, accountability, support and growth.
Intuitive Coaching

Deep Dives & Transformation

Identify the breakdown
so you can have a breakthrough.

Personal Branding Catalyst

A solid foundation for a polished
personal brand and digital presence.



a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be. It means to do something with passion, with absolute devotion, with undivided attention.

Intuitive Co-Creation

Strengthen your brand by investing in a high quality digital presence to attract your ideal client.

Tell Your Story

Communicate your Brand Story in a way that will attract and visually resonate with your ideal client.

Create Connection

When you have a digital presence that reflects your brand, it is easier for your ideal client to connect with you.


When you align your brand + digital presence to attract your ideal client, abundance will naturally flow to you.

Digital Alchemy

Your industry brilliance + our digital genius = Success.

The unteachable man is sentenced to being taught only by experience. The tragedy is he reaches nothing further but his own pain.

– Criss Jami

The Creatologist

Energy Alchemist. Brand Birther. Purposepreneur™. Design Goddess. Reiki Master.

I’m Leeah, the creative force behind Meraki & Co. I’m deeply passionate about co-creating high quality branding + marketing to support the purpose driven, heart centered digital presence for the business + life of your dreams.

Trust is built with Consistency.

– Lincoln Chafee

And You Are?

Dreamer. Visionary. Heart Centered + Purpose Driven.

You can feel you have something more to offer. It lights you up. You’re either ready to step fully into your purpose or haven’t yet found your voice and need guidance. You are ready to bring “it” forth, be fully seen and heard. You do not shy away from “the work”, lean into change, and are confident in your capabilities and ready to reach for what you know is possible. You are ready to build a brand and business that is aligned with your grandest vision for your life.

Perspective shifts. Mindset Makeovers. Attitude Adjustments. You are ready and willing to take on whatever it takes to align with your dream life.

Your personal essence is the foundation for a magnetic brand.

– Christine Joy


It would be an honor to have your project among my portfolio.

Please reach out + schedule a discovery call soon!

Gratitude & Appreciation

Transformative Digital Marketing Journeys

Intentional Creation, Intentional Results.

Signature Journey


A complete divinely inspired process resulting in a digital presence that is consistent with your values, connects with your ideal clientele, and raises the vibration of how you do business.

Our Signature package includes: Intuitive Digital Presence, The Resonant Brand and Intuitive Marketing Flow. This is a unique, bespoke, high touch experience that results in an elevated digital presence. A transformative digital experience.


Perfect for business owners & entrepreneurs who hustle hard and want an intuitive website to complement those efforts.

Our web sites will establish you as an expert in your industry & help attract the clients of your dreams. Through our signature Intuitive Process, your site will be designed to close more sales, generate more leads, and attract your ideal client.


An exciting co-creative process offering clarity & insight, resulting in a strong, clear and impactful brand.

This is my favorite package! During this process, we’ll get creative & clear around your brand. You’ll get a photoshoot, a logo, business cards, a brand board, letterhead, and all the branding collateral you need!


This package works great for those who want more conversions and repeat clients.

In this process, we will journey with you through your client experience and identify key opportunities for conversions, and implement systems to funnel those leads. This in-depth process is a great complement to our Intuitive Web Design + Development package.


Not sure where to start? This is a great place for that!

If you aren’t sure what you NEED, this is an excellent opportunity to have us take a deep dive into where you currently stand, and provide insight & guidance on how to move forward. The BEST part is, should you decide to move forward with a site; your marketing audit investment will be applied towards your site costs!

Personal Brand Catalyst

Ready for a cohesive personal brand that will elevate and streamline your digital presence?

Your personal brand is just as significant as your business brand, and absolutely essential to succeeding online. A strong, cohesive, professional personal brand will establish you as an expert in your industry and position you to align with unique opportunities otherwise lost.

Be a resource. Not a sales pitch.

– Unknown

Creative Clarity

Retreats, Coaching, and Courses.




Resource Offering

A collection of my resource recommendations! The platforms I use to manage hosting, social media, marketing & more.

For exclusive access to my member only resource arsenal, click here.

Affirmation Reading

All of our internal dialogue is a stream of affirmations, whether conscious or not. With each thought & word, we create our lives. Beliefs are thinking patterns you develop throughout your life, starting in childhood.

A few positive affirmations can retrain your mind & create a more positive experience.

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations with breath work and visualtizations for alignment & clarity.

Chakra Alignment

Branding Clarity

Purpose Clarity

Ideal Client Clarity

More coming soon!

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