Why I Never Make Vision Boards - Meraki and Co.
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Why I Never Make Vision Boards

Why I Never Make Vision Boards

So, here we are – we’ve made it, guys & gals! The end of 2017! What a blur this one was, right? And of course, with the nearing of the end of the year a lot of people and getting amped up and hosting vision board nights, conference calls, encouraging vision boards – you get the idea.

Personally – I’m not a fan. Before you unload on me on how amazing vision boards are – let me give you some back story.

Back when I started my personal & spiritual growth journey, around 2013 I actually had a vision board TABLE. I had images of tons of things I wanted to manifest or co-create, surrounded by crystals and positive affirmations and such. My idea was every time I would walk by this table, it would inspire me and keep me focused on what I wanted to create. I mean if looking at a picture of a Maserati multiple times a day doesn’t motivate you, what will?!