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Digital Aura Audit

Investment starting at $444

A deep dive into your current digital presence + recommended changes.

A Digtial Aura Audit is GREAT for brands and entrepreneurs who aren’t sure where to start! If you aren’t sure what is even needed, or what to tackle first, let us give you a comprehensive suggested plan. We will do a deep dive into your current digital presence and identify what areas need improvements, and give you our suggestions. The BEST part is that should you decide to move forward with one of our packages, your marketing audit investment will be applied towards your package costs!

  • Comprehensive Overview
  • Web Site Review
  • Social Media Review
  • Content Marketing Review
  • Lead Generation Review
  • Systems & Automation Review


Our Process

Education, Empowerment and Creativity take the lead with every project. The goal is to not only elevate your digital presence, but also provide you with the knowledge and resources to manage and grow that presence with confidence.

After your site has launched, you will receive two, one-hour trainings on how to make basic changes to your website copy, and answer any outstanding questions you have.

Although the primary services offered through Meraki & Co. are digital, I truly see it as a co-creation of a much larger manifestation. My goal is to work with you to clear blocks and gain clarity, so that your digital presence resonates at a high vibe frequency. Through our co-creation, the end result will be a lighthouse attracting those who are ready and in need of the services, talents, and gifts you have to offer.

The Miraculous Meraki Crew

Our crew is a network of professionals who provide first class service to our clients. Anytime you work with an associate of Meraki, rest assured you’re among high-vibe, heart-centered professionals.

Are We A Good Fit?

Meraki [may-rah-kee]: a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be. It means to do something with passion, with absolute devotion, with undivided attention.

We work best with those who have a mission to serve, a tribe to build and who are intentionally aligned with their purpose. 

This Might Be For You If…

You are ready to fully step into your purpose.

You are confident in your gifts & talents & trust others & their abilities. You are ready to focus on your purpose & work through any issues that stand before you & delivering your gifts & talents to those who need them most.

“The doors will be opened to those bold enough to knock.”

You are not afraid of perspective shifts.

You are willing to be educated & be an active participant in whatever co-creation organically unfolds. You trust in divine timing & don’t sweat the small stuff.

“One’s life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.” – Anaïs Nin

You are Focused and Present.

You are mindful & respectful of other’s time & boundaries while being comfortable with your own. The Meraki & Co. process will require you to be fully present, be seen, and accountable.

“Vulnerability is not about fear & grief & disappointment. It is the birthplace of everything we’re hungry for.” – Brené Brown

You are ready to get crystal clear.

Clear on who your ideal client is & who you will best serve, clear on your brand voice, clear on your purpose. Clear on “all the things”! Meraki & Co. can only take you as far as you are willing to show up.

“It’s not just about the content, it’s about the connection. The businesses we feel a connection to are who we spend our money with.” – Marie Forleo

Definitely Not If…

You expect overnight results.

You do not trust yourself enough to trust others.

This project isn't a priority for you.

You do not see the value in other's gifts & talents because you are lacking in your own self worth.

You feel threatened by the success of others.

You are questioning if investing in your business is a good idea.

Your goal is not to serve, but to profit.

Where you are at is perfectly where you need to be. Trust in the journey and the lessons you are learning along the way. If you don’t feel we resonate after browsing through our site, then we most likely wouldn’t be a good fit. And that’s alright! You may be interested in working through some of those blocks through a coaching session, a group retreat, or maybe starting somewhere a little easier to swallow, like an digital aura audit before you make a large investment.

“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know until you lived through it. Honor your path. Trust your journey. Learn, grow, evolve, become.” 

What Should You Expect?

Consultation & Discovery Call

If you’re ready to elevate your digital presence, feel free to book a call here! You’ll need to answer a few questions through our form so I have some background on your project and prepare for our call. This is the first step in making sure we’re aligned to do business together. This call will last around 30-45 minutes, can be done by phone or Zoom. If you still feel you need more information to make a decision, you are always welcome to purchase my Digital Audit package. During a Digital Audit I will dive deep into your current presence and give specific recommendations. Should you decide to move forward with Meraki & Co. after a Digital Audit, the fee will be discounted from your package price.

Project Proposal

Once you and I have made the decision that working together is well aligned, I will provide you with a detailed Project Proposal and Contract. This proposal will be valid for 7 business days. Should you need more time – I may need to revisit the payment & timeline to reflect any changes. Once signed, the Project Proposal will act as a legally binding contract and will initiate a working relationship in which both parties will be held accountable to.

Payments & Invoices

Pricing is provided on a project basis, vs. an hourly rate. Most projects will require a $500 downpayment to reserve a project start date. An initial deposit will be required before project commencement. We can discuss if you’d prefer to make milestone payments, or pay the remaining balance before the project is completed & files are transferred. All payments are final. Late Payment Policy: Payment is due upon invoice due date, and past due invoices will be charged an additional 5% for every 15 days past due the invoice falls behind.

Project Initiation

Once your deposit has been received you will receive access to our project management system, and worksheets & resources you need for the first phase of your project. We will have a kick-off meeting via Zoom to connect and build a strong foundation for our working relationship.


Once a date has been locked in for project commencement, we will provide a rough outline of specific project milestones. Once initial deposit has been made and contract signed & returned, I will provide a more comprehensive calendar to keep us both accountable and on track. You will have homework and deadlines as well!

Content Creation

Professional, compelling copy that is aligned with your brand voice is one of the most important aspects of your digital presence. You will be provided copy worksheets, paired with a trusted copyrighter, and responsible for providing Meraki & Co. with finalized content by the due date in our project milestones calendar.

Photo Quality

Whether you’re having a brand or lifestyle photoshoot, or providing stock imagery, your photos are require to be high-quality professional studio photos. If working with one of our Meraki & Co photographers, I will communicate with the photographer our vision, be on site to provide creative direction and work with you to choose location & outfits.

Revisions & Out of Scope Requests

Most packages allow for up to 2 rounds of revisions. Additional revisions or any additional work outside the scope of the project will be billed at either a fixed price or billed at my hourly rate of $125/hr.

Launch & Deliverables

Once revisions have been made and the project has your approval we will send invoice for final payment. Once payment is received project files will be transferred. Design files will be provided in all necessary formats. Web sites will be launched over a 5 day period. During this time we will configure DNS, transfer site files & databases, configure email servers (if needed), and install SSL licenses.

General Terms

Meraki & Co will ensure your site is updated & secure at launch, but if you do not have an ongoing site maintenance with us we can not be held responsible for  errors that occur from outdated plugins and outdated WordPress installs. Sites will be built on our private server & transferred to & configured on your own hosting upon completion. We will provide you with the necessary logins and access levels we will need closer to the time of launch. If you currently do not have a site, I will be happy to provide a coming soon page if you so choose.

Case Study or Showcase

We would love to showcase your project in our portfolio and as a case study. We will also place a small link in the footer of your site linking back to Meraki & Co for branding purposes. If that isn’t alright with you, please let me know!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are due in writing. Refunds will not be issued for work that has already been completed. If there is any work that has not yet been paid for, you will be billed my hourly rate of $125 for remaining work. Project files will then be provided, as they are.

Extension Policy

Of course things happen and because our process is so organic, things may shift within the project. If we have held up the project beyond our initial quote timeframe and you are not satisfied, we will be happy to discuss a percentage discount on final payment. Should the project exceed the initial quoted timeframe because of a hold up on content or imagery and feedback or approvals on the clients end, there will be an additional weekly charge of up to $250/month that the project is on hold.

Changes to Project Scope

Changes to project scope will be presented in an addendum for your signature and approval at time of request. If necessary, an additional invoice will be sent for the additional costs and time.

Resource Offering

A collection of my resource recommendations! The platforms I use to manage hosting, social media, marketing & more.

For exclusive access to my member only resource arsenal, click here.

Affirmation Reading

All of our internal dialogue is a stream of affirmations, whether conscious or not. With each thought & word, we create our lives. Beliefs are thinking patterns you develop throughout your life, starting in childhood.

A few positive affirmations can retrain your mind & create a more positive experience.

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations with breath work and visualtizations for alignment & clarity.

Chakra Alignment

Branding Clarity

Purpose Clarity

Ideal Client Clarity

More coming soon!

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