Marketing and Branding Coaching | Meraki and Co.
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Coaching + Masterminds

Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Anything that improves your own talents; nobody can tax that or take it away from you. If you’ve got talent yourself, and you’ve maximized your talent, you’ve got a tremendous asset that can return ten-fold.

– Warren Buffet

Deep Dives + Transformation

Whether you’re looking for accountability, busting through blocks or removing limiting beliefs – I’ve got a place for you.

One on One Coaching

Sometimes all it takes is an external ear, outside of your own head, that can listen and help you identify where the break down is happening, so you can have a breakthrough.

After an initial discovery call, I’ll present you with an assessment on how I think I can be the most valuable to you.

Monthly Mastermind

This mastermind is for those who are looking for a tribe, accountability, support, and growth.

There will be guest speakers, accountability, supporting each other’s goals, and each member will have the opportunity to run a portion of the mastermind to share their expertise.

We meet the first Monday of every month,  on Zoom, at 6 PM (MST) for 1-2 hours.

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