Leeah Murray the Creatologist | Meraki and Co.
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Hey there!

I’m Leeah, A passionate entrepreneur, digital marketer, brand strategist + data geek.

I believe the years I’ve spent geeking out over technology, studying digital marketing, web development + branding have put me in an excellent position to help other heart centered, high-vibe visionary entrepreneurs build a brand, business + digital presence that is aligned with their life purpose.


Years Coding


Web Sites Built


Hours Marketing


Clients Served

You Could Say

I’ve been around the block a time or two…

and might know what I’m doing.

It started 20 years ago.

(can not believe it’s been that long…)

I discovered I enjoyed making graphics in Microsoft Paint & Paint Shop Pro. Then I found out if I learned HTML I could make the graphics do things.

I stumbled upon Lissa Explains and next thing I knew I was programming!

I was pretty much hooked beyond that point. I spent most of my time nerding it up making websites for fun, and blogging (before any blogging platforms existed.) I built sites on geocities & then along came this awesome platform called WordPress.

When I was nineteen, a co-worker was asking what I liked to do for fun. When I mentioned building web sites, they asked if I knew I could do that as a career.

I was like…

Are you kidding me?!

So I started hustling! I scoured the white pages + started cold emailing businesses who I thought I could help with their digital presence.

Before I knew it I had FIVE clients.

It all snowballed from there.

I learned just about everything you could learn while running your own small business at nineteen, with poor boundaries, the most difficult way possible. #facepalm

I failed a TON.

like, a lot a lot. many times.

I took on tons of projects I wasn’t passionate about and worked with tons of clients who weren’t my ideal clients.

I said yes more than I said no, worked for free on the promise of future riches or exposure.

I worked for big marketing agencies. Small boutique agencies. Start-ups that never took off, start-ups whose payroll checks wouldn’t clear. I managed over 300 marketing client campaigns at a time. Coordinated content marketing. QA’d websites. Designed magazines & automotive ad campaign collateral. Doctors. Lawyers. Real Estate Agents.

I’ve just about seen or done it all.

Then it happened.

I stumbled onto a path of what I now know was a spiritual awakening.

At first everything was pretty cool. In my professional life – I was a master of manifesting, the law of attraction and everything I would put out into the universe would just instantly show up.

Do you know that thing the universe does when you think you’ve got it all figured out?

You can probably guess what happened next.

Very quickly I learned that I can’t have one set of beliefs in my professional life, and not in my personal life. I could pretend I did for a while, but then it allllll caught up with me. As it always will.

I couldn’t enforce boundaries and expect clients to respect me if I didn’t respect myself and have boundaries in my personal life.

And so it began.

Because of my new found awareness and the slow growth of what I know now to be some self worth, I pretty much began an intense purge of any and everything in my life that didn’t align with what I knew was in my highest good.

I ended an extremely toxic 10.5 year relationship, dropped my business, cut off a ton of family and “acquaintances”, got a “real job”, and set just about every bridge I crossed into flames on my way out.

Would I go back and do it again?


(only hopefully not as messy + destructive the second time around. 😣)

It was the most painful transition I’ve had in my life, but on the other side was the most REMARKABLE life that I never dreamed was possible for me.

I now have the most amazing, dependable, emotionally stable man as my husband. We have co-created a relationship and life that is peaceful, calm, easy, respectful, and loving.

Because of his reflection, I’ve been able to find my way back to loving + accepting myself as I am. Thanks to the stability he’s brought me, I have more mental and emotional bandwidth to dig in and discover what lights me up. I know whatever crazy endeavor I venture out on, he will constantly be the “safe haven” I can return to when I need to reflect and process whatever lessons I’ve learned from following those crazy callings.

I feel safe taking creative risks + testing the boundaries of my own capabilities.

Personally. Professionally. Spiritually.

That’s right. I don’t even look at the paper when I’m coloring.
I’m really having more fun with these .gifs than I should be. I apologize.


One of the most glaring shifts in awareness for me was identifying what work made me “light up” and what work was very draining for me and not aligned with my highest purpose. I’ve learned that if I agree to work with clients just because they had a pulse and a checkbook, or who just aren’t ready, things don’t end well.

I know I’ve finally stepped onto that path I was meant for, professionally.

Over the last year, I feel I’ve created my best work.

I’ve realized I’m not going to get away from making web sites, branding, and marketing. I started my journey learning and absorbing as much as possible about all things web, design and digital marketing because I was passionate and enjoyed the creative challenge.

Being creative + digital marketing is all I’ve ever known.

It doesn’t serve the world to waste the knowledge I’ve acquired.
It isn’t in my highest good to not honor the gifts and talents I’ve been blessed with.

I’ve also gained the awareness of my own spiritual gifts, and how they play a role in the work I create for myself and others in this physical world.

By honoring my intuition and gifts as an empath, I’m able to act as a conduit and create digitally, what is aligned and manifesting for whatever client or project I’m co-creating with.

My talents lie in being able to take very practical tools & methodologies (such as web design, programming, and marketing strategies) and blend them with intuitive abilities (claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairsentience) to energetically shift awarenesses + remove limiting beliefs.

The result is a more aligned digital presence that will play a significant part in attracting what is in the client’s highest good.

The clearer you are, the more clearly I can visualize what needs to brought forth for you to stand fully in your purpose.

Photo Credit Jean Laninga, My Feature photo from the Know book; 150 women in Phoenix you should Know and do business with.

So here I am, again. Showing up to fully step into my purpose, play big and align myself with other high vibe, heart centered + authentic entrepreneurs my talents + gifts will best serve.

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you taking the time to listen to a part of my story, and tolerating my silly gif placement.

If my story resonates with you, we’ll likely be a great fit.

But just to be safe, you may want to give this a read.

Let’s get to it!

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