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Personal Brand Catalyst

Investment starting at $3,250

A solid foundation for a polished personal brand and digital presence.

We’ll co-create a polished and professional image and custom designed web site that will elevate your personal brand. We’ll provide a solid foundation for your personal digital presence that has the capacity to grow with you over the course of your career. 

Your personal brand is just as significant as your business brand, and absolutely essentially to succeeding online. A strong, cohesive, professional personal brand will establish you as an expert in your industry and position you to align with  unique opportunities otherwise lost.

A professional image  + personal branding presence will elevate   expectations and communicate your unique characteristics. It’s an important key to your success that will grow and evolve with you throughout your professional journey.

A strong Personal Brand will:

  • Differentiate You in your Industry
  • Provide Content You Control
  • Make a Strong First Impression
  • Attract & Align with More Opportunities
  • Leverage Networking Power
  • Build Your Reputation
  • Establish Credibility

In Collaboration with:

What You’re Getting

1:1 Consultations

Three individual consultations with ladies who know their industry and how to help you put your best foot forward! Whether that’s with the clothing you’re wearing, what angle you look best at or how to best visually engage with your network, digitally.

Each step of the way, you’ll have access to  valuable knowledge so not only are you going to look amazing, but you’ll shine and naturally attract amazing opportunities!

Personal Styling

You’ll learn how to dress for comfort and confidence and leave with the ability to better discern based on your personality what is going to complement you and leave an impression for all the RIGHT reasons.

How many times have you bought something in a hurry and in the wrong size? And let’s not even talk about when you get home and realize this color really isn’t doing much for you. A personal Stylist can not only save you time and money – but also help you understand what will work for you and what won’t.

Branding Photoshoot

You might not realize it, but your visuals are sending cues that are forming others’ opinions of you. If someone is considering doing business with you, they’re likely looking for consistency, among other things.

Your brand is SO much more than a logo, or colors. Your brand is a visual representation of you. Showing up online as a powerful and confident is key to growing your business or profession, attracting your ideal client, and building a life you love. You need images that are polished and professional that look like you just stepped off the cover of a magazine! A branding photoshoot will give your brand a cohesive visual direction and resources to support it.

Personal Web Site

We’ll design a custom one page, 6 section site*, that has the capacity to grow with you! This one page, 6 section site will include:


  • Introduction
  • About
  • Experience / Portfolio
  • Media / Press
  • Custom Content
  • Contact


  • Responsive
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Custom Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Newsletter Integration

Meet Your Team

Leeah Murray

Leeah Murray is the Creatologist™ at Meraki & Co; a Digital Marketing Agency providing High Vibe Marketing + Branding for purpose driven brands + visionary entrepreneurs. She has designed an intuitive process that brings clarity and alignment for brands and professionals who have a mission to help, and people to serve. Leeah has a wide array of knowledge and is able to offer everything from guided meditations to gain clarity on branding and vision to practical and technical skills like how to set up a digital business online as well as a background in web programming. Her purpose is to make the best use her gifts and talents in a way that helps others build authentic, fulfilling brands and businesses in the digital space.

leeah[at] | 623.213.2726 | facebook | instagram

Tracy Battaglia

Fully Alive Photography was named for my deep desire to help those around me find and embrace beauty, joy, and adventure in their lives. I offer a unique style that is a fusion of photojournalism, fashion, and fine art. I am in love with capturing brilliant colors and crisp sharp imagery. Besides loving photography, I’m crazy about Harry Potter, teen post-apocalyptic fiction, and all things adventure. I am also a wife and a mother of the sweetest little boy I could ever have asked for. Photography and art have been my passion since I was little and so pursuing a photography degree in college just made sense. I have now owned my business and been in the wedding industry for 10+ years & shot over 120 weddings & 600+ clients. I teach photography courses at the Desert Botanical Garden. My work has been published in several wedding magazines, blogs, and books, including Phoenix Bride & Groom magazine cover, Inside Weddings, Know Tribe, and many more. Now offering small business classes & photography crash courses. You can also book specialized photography classes with me @Desert Botanical Garden.

fullyalivephotography[at] | 617-612-5483 | facebook | instagram

Jean Laninga

Jean offers high level portraiture services including Personal Branding packages where she integrates elements of wardrobe styling, hair and makeup, location, and expertly posed and executed photography to provide her clients with unique imagery that elevates their brand and speaks of their uniqueness, core values, and sets them apart from the rest. She identifies what her clients want to say in their images through a process of discovery and strategy, and designs a session that connects them with their perfect audience with images they can use across all of the platforms they will need and use them for.

jean[at] | 602-616-4582 | facebook | instagram

Clarisse Ringwald


Clarisse determines your personalized colors based on your skin tone and eye color. Using 70+ color drapes as well as Essential Colors™ rangefinders, Clarisse determines your color temperature and your color hue. An evaluation of your face shape, a determination of the geometric prints and patterns you should wear and overall Line and Design techniques that work for you will also be completed. A Body Style Analysis, which determines your body shape and which styles of clothing will best suit your body, is also provided. A personalized fabric color palette and a Styling Portfolio summarizing everything discussed is included.

clarisse[at] | 602-320-2489 | facebook

Gratitude & Appreciation

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